7 August 2018

Training and development isn’t just important, it’s crucial.

Attract and retain great employees

Recruitment costs are a huge burden on any organisation and you could be spending this money unnecessarily. Housing associations are full of passionate, capable and ambitious people. But what are you doing to ensure these people are fulfilled in their roles and challenged to reach their potential? If you’re not investing in their development and they don’t feel valued then they may end up looking elsewhere.

Increased employee satisfaction and morale

Reducing employee turnover can only have a positive impact on an organisation, ensuring staff satisfaction, continuity and reducing recruitment costs. Investing in your employees’ development also shows you value their contribution to the organisation. Feeling valued will improve their satisfaction and keep them loyal to the company.

Improved employee performance

Happy staff are more productive staff, and the more productive they are the better your company performs. Employees who are tuned in to what’s going on in the housing sector will add value to your organisation and give you a competitive advantage. It will also continue to save you money as they become more efficient and proficient.

Show you are a company that cares

Providing development opportunities helps boost your profile and reputation as a company that values its employees. This is great for attracting the best new employees as well as retaining existing staff.

Create promotable employees

Have you got a vacant post you need to fill? Who is more familiar with your day-to-day operations and your tenants than current employees? By engaging with employees and giving them opportunities to grow you will attract people who want to better themselves. Developing them now means they will be ready for a future promotion when the opportunity arises.

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Melanie Boulton

Melanie Boulton is a conference producer at the National Housing Federation.

Melanie developed the programme for Future Housing Leaders 2018.

Five reasons to invest in staff development