11 June 2019

Top up your reading list this summer with these recommendations from the Future Housing Leaders Advisory Board.

To kick off the summer months we've carefully curated a reading/ watching/ listening list packed full of all things leadership for you to get your teeth into.

Great by Choice, Jim Collins
Matt Campion, Shepherds Bush Housing Group

This book is a follow up to Good to Great and examines organisations from a range of industries that have consistently outperformed their competitors and the markets in which they operate. I love this book because it really shows that running a great company is a deliberate choice that any company leader can make. It’s not exactly a recipe book for how to make an organisation great, but it is full of very practical examples of what the great companies have in common or have done differently to others in their industry.

‘The Golden Circle’ Simon Sinek
Molly Bishop, Stockport Homes

I tend to read LinkedIn length articles and watch videos as opposed to reading leadership focused books. For anyone that hasn’t seen it (has anyone not seen it?) Simon Sinek’s TedTalk ‘The Golden Circle’ is a must. Thinking about your work and your practice in three simple concepts of why, how and what is a game changer and is as relevant for leadership development as it is to sales and corporate development.

‘7 habits of highly effective people’ Stephen Covey
Chantelle Miller, Tuntum Housing Association

Covey’s ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ is a great book for self-development. Stephen Covey explains that real change comes from within and that change begins with a shift in the way that you look at the world. His approach to effectiveness is based on character and principles. The first three habits start with you. Habits four, five and six are about people and relationships and habit seven is about continuous growth and development.

Jim Collins
Boris Worrall, Rooftop

So you’ve heard of the Beatles, right? Sometimes the old ones are the best. Good to Great does feel a bit dated. And the American tone can be irritating. But in terms of core concepts, it remains the go to management guide. Why? Because when I reflect on mistakes or problems, I usually find that I’ve broken one of the basic rules. And when the magic happens and we are surging ahead, it really is because the flywheel turning. Face the brutal reality. Then be relentlessly optimistic you will succeed. Love it. In work, and life.

‘I, Partridge. We need to talk about Alan.’ Alan Partridge
Steve Ellard, Beyond Housing

This rags to riches to rags again story is a must. We can all learn something from Alan. A literary illustration that people really can bounce back!

Factfulness, Hans Rosling
Matt Campion, Shepherds Bush Housing Group

This book starts with a quiz about the world. Most intelligent, educated people (me included) perform less well on this multiple choice test than a bunch of chimps picking answers at random. I won’t tell you why as I don’t want to spoil the book, but it’s an insightful and easy read about how and why we usually misunderstand the data and information we are presented with.

Future Housing Leaders Advisory Board

The Future Housing Leaders Advisory Board is formed of leaders in the sector, who use their expertise to help us create the best conference experience for delegates.

We'd like to thank the ambassadors for their input into Future Housing Leaders 2019:

  • Molly Bishop, Charity Development Officer, Stockport Homes
  • Matt Campion, Chief Executive, Shepherds Bush Housing Group
  • Steve Ellard, Asset Manager, Yorkshire Coast Homes
  • Chantelle Miller, Senior Housing Officer, Tuntum Housing
  • Amy Nettleton, Assistant Development Director: Sales and Marketing, Aster Group
  • Boris Worrall, Group Chief Executive, Rooftop
Summer reading list pt.1