31 July 2019

Get stuck into the second half of our recommendations from the Future Housing Leaders Advisory Board.

‘Legacy’ James Kerr

Molly Bishop, Stockport Homes

When I do read books for personal development they tend to be about sport. There are so many parallels to draw from the world of sport and elite training that can be applied to your personal development as a leader. They all teach us about the principle importance of values, team and practise. If you like rugby a good place to start is Legacy by James Kerr, but whatever your sport there are tonnes of fantastic reads to teach and inspire.

‘Redemption Song’ Bob Marley

Chantelle Miller, Tuntum Housing Association

This song can be interpreted in so many ways, but for me it’s a reminder that I have power and control over my life, career and destiny. Listening to this song helps me to shift into a positive mind-set at times when I’m feeling defeated or low. This song inspires me to keep learning, developing and applying what I learn in order to grow and improve as an individual.

‘Everybody lies’ Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Matt Campion, Shepherds Bush Housing Group

This is a fascinating look at how we can use big data from internet searches to find out truths that are obscured in other data sets. The everybody lies of the title refers to the ‘lies’ people tell in surveys or on social media. In some way or another we all ‘manage’ what we tell others to create a favourable impression of ourselves. The results are often very different to the little secret truths that people type into their search engines on a computer that won’t judge them.

‘Time to Think’ Nancy Kline

Chantelle Miller, Tuntum Housing Association

This book really helped me when I secured my first management role. It particularly helped me to develop my understanding of self as well as how to bring out the best in others.

Nancy Kline explores why the quality of everything we do depends on the quality of the thinking we do first. She explains the importance of allowing people to think for themselves and creating the right thinking environments.

‘Why I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race’ Reni-Eddo-Lodge

Matt Campion, Shepherds Bush Housing Group

Perhaps a controversial title but, I think, an essential read for white people. We know that housing is shockingly under-representative of BAME people in senior positions. If you care about racial equality this is a great way to educate yourself about how the world can be for non-white people, how being white shapes life and how structural racism works. I live in London, have a broad range of multicultural friends and consider myself to be socially aware, but this book still taught me things and made me think.

Future Housing Leaders Advisory Board

The Future Housing Leaders Advisory Board is formed of leaders in the sector, who use their expertise to help us create the best conference experience for delegates.

We'd like to thank the ambassadors for their input into Future Housing Leaders 2019:

  • Molly Bishop, Charity Development Officer, Stockport Homes
  • Matt Campion, Chief Executive, Shepherds Bush Housing Group
  • Steve Ellard, Asset Manager, Yorkshire Coast Homes
  • Chantelle Miller, Senior Housing Officer, Tuntum Housing
  • Amy Nettleton, Assistant Development Director: Sales and Marketing, Aster Group
  • Boris Worrall, Group Chief Executive, Rooftop
Summer reading list pt.2